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John Seghers jseghers at
Wed Jun 13 18:50:12 CEST 2007

Tim Newsom wrote
> As I understand it, you would not even need to build a different svg
> file.  You could use the same one and it could automatically scale
> because the engine would scale it..  It should be possible (in my mind)
> to take a layout for 320 x 240 and draw it perfectly at 648 x 480..

Scaling up vector graphics is certainly less likely to cause problems than
scaling down. However, when you start talking about QVGA or smaller, every
pixel counts and hand-tuned graphics are going to give a better presentation
than generated graphics.

However, even staying at the same DPI... what about a landscape vs. portrait
orientation?  Moving from 640 wide x 480 high to 480 wide x 640 high is
going to need more than scaling.  You are going to want to use the display

So yes, a different SVG file would likely be needed.

- John

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