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Tim Newsom cephdon at
Wed Jun 13 21:31:16 CEST 2007

On Wed, 13 Jun 2007 11:15, John Seghers wrote:
> Tim Newsom wrote
>>  As I understand it, you would not even need to build a different svg
>>  file.  You could use the same one and it could automatically scale
>>  because the engine would scale it..  It should be possible (in my 
>> mind)
>>  to take a layout for 320 x 240 and draw it perfectly at 648 x 480..
> Scaling up vector graphics is certainly less likely to cause problems 
> than
> scaling down. However, when you start talking about QVGA or smaller, 
> every
> pixel counts and hand-tuned graphics are going to give a better 
> presentation
> than generated graphics.
> However, even staying at the same DPI... what about a landscape vs. 
> portrait
> orientation?  Moving from 640 wide x 480 high to 480 wide x 640 high is
> going to need more than scaling.  You are going to want to use the 
> display
> differently.
> So yes, a different SVG file would likely be needed.
> - John

If you will check the snipped out portion of my email, you should notice 
that I mention the assumption you are in the same orientation..
I will grant you that every pixel counts, but if each portion of the 
display is drawn with vector graphics and unless you are going way 
beyond the capabilities of the display... Within reasonable bounds the 
display should scale correctly.  As for different orientation, sure, 
make 2 files for the alternate layout.. But that's incredibly more 
efficient than making 30 bitmaps (images or whaterever you call them) 
for each resolution setup and orientation combination.

Granted, its my opinion.  Granted, rendering a vectored image takes more 
processing than blitting an image from memory to the screen.. But from 
what I heard last time, at least the first public version of the neo 
will have a hardware graphics processor to handle most of that work.  
And anyway, I don't have a good feeling for the amount of time it would 
take to render a screen (skin which is theme plus layout) for something 
like the neo but without graphics processor.  I am simply stating my own 
opinion and I expect others to do the same.  /grin that's what the 
community is all about right?

Someone with some extensive svg experience in this realm can give real 
hard core information.

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