Will Openmoko ever see the light of day?

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at murmp.com
Fri Jun 15 17:22:18 CEST 2007

Sorry, for jumping to assumptions (that wasn't my intent).  But if we 
are only going by "what we know" then I would have ordered my GTA-01 
about 3 months ago...oh wait.

There are so little facts (from official sources) that we have no idea 
what is going on.  I was basing my statement on the speculation that has 
been running rampant through the message boards that the 01's are not 
going to be mass produced since they are under powered and don't have 
features that some (several) people have called "deal breakers".  Pretty 
much as far as I'm concerned the GTA-01 *is* vaporware.  Considering how 
much improved the (again speculated) GTA-02's will be outside of the few 
that "just can't wait" I don't see it being a cost effective platform 
for FIC to mass produce, considering the low purchase numbers.

So yeah, you can call me on a GTA-01 (does that even work yet) or even 
take pictures of one dissected beside a copy of todays New York Times, 
but unless one is shipped to me free, I doubt that I will ever touch (or 
even see) one.

 - The Speculator

Mikko Rauhala wrote:
> to, 2007-06-14 kello 16:45 -0500, Jonathon Suggs kirjoitti:
>> Well as far as we know (no *official* word) the models (GTA-01) that you 
>> have actually are vaporware as far as we are concerned since they are 
>> not going to be mass producing them in favor of rolling out the GTA-02's.
> There is pretty much no reason to assume this, so you're just pulling it
> out of a hat. Not a bad place to pull out guesses, but as far as "as far
> as we know" _really_ goes, GTA-01s will be sold, because that was the
> plan, we've heard nothing to contradict the plan, and they "to the best
> of our knowledge" already have a bunch of them waiting to be ready to be
> sold. Upgrading the hardware for mass market was also planned for a long
> while, so that they have GTA-02 plans and (apparently) even engineering
> samples is nothing to be surprised about at this point.
> In short, assuming that plans wrt. selling GTA-01 have changed somehow
> due to the delays is totally unwarranted. You're not qualified to jump
> to assumptions here.

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