Looking for a patron.

Jordan Anderson alurdun.openmoko at gmail.com
Mon Jun 18 19:08:31 CEST 2007

I'm looking for someone willing to hold my hand and guide me into the
exciting world of the OpenMoko project.

I have very little applicable programming experience--a little C#, a little
Foxpro (I know, weird), lots of  T-SQL and MDX. For a living I do Microsoft
Business Intelligence development, but at home I'm a linux and open-source
user. I'm a relatively smart dude, and willing to jump in and start learning
whatever I need to know.

I'm stoked on the OpenMoko project, and would like to take the plunge and
get involved, but would like someone to help me along--show me where to
start, what to do, etc. I'm willing to do all the unpleasant work (the
project equivalent of digging ditches), but I need someone to help point me
in the right direction.

If anyone would like a hanger-on, and is willing to help me out, shoot me an

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