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Mon Jun 18 22:42:34 CEST 2007

I haven't tried it yet, but I presume that "it should just work"*.

 	1. Install VMware for Windows on your computer

 	2. Install Linux as the guest operating system. There used to be an Ubuntu
 		image ready to go on the VMWare website.

 	3. Following the instructions on the OpenMoko wiki, install mokomakefile and
 		and QEMU

I don't have a Windows computer, or else I'd try this.

I just noticed that you are local. If all else fails, I could visit your class
with my Linux computer with the OpenMoko and QEMU stuff already set up. (I
should probably do an update and make sure this still works.)


* I know that the phrase "it should just work" is no guarantee that it will.

On Mon, 18 Jun 2007, Sameer Verma wrote:

> Does anyone have pointers on virtualization of openMoko via a VMWare-type 
> setup? I'd like to see if there is something available so that I can do a 
> quick demo for my class.  I did the same with OLPC's virtual image 
> ( and that worked wonders 
> for students in understanding the value of such a project.
> A picture being worth a lot more, etc.
> cheers,
> Sameer
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