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I currently am new to Linux. I currently use Ubuntu Linux (fawn). I tried to get Qemu running with OpenMoko, but it fails (need for SDL or Cocoa)...
As Ubuntu is one of the most used Linux-Distros, I thought a walktrhough (starting @ 0) might be a nice idea, to get a mass introduced to OpenMoko.

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>From the Wiki:
Win32 binaries shipped with firmware can be downloaded from Tested on MS Windows XP.

The link points here:


michael at wrote:
> I haven't tried it yet, but I presume that "it should just work"*.
>     1. Install VMware for Windows on your computer
>     2. Install Linux as the guest operating system. There used to be an
> Ubuntu
>         image ready to go on the VMWare website.
>     3. Following the instructions on the OpenMoko wiki, install
> mokomakefile and
>         and QEMU
> I don't have a Windows computer, or else I'd try this.
> I just noticed that you are local. If all else fails, I could visit your
> class
> with my Linux computer with the OpenMoko and QEMU stuff already set up. (I
> should probably do an update and make sure this still works.)
> Michael
> * I know that the phrase "it should just work" is no guarantee that it
> will.
> On Mon, 18 Jun 2007, Sameer Verma wrote:
>> Does anyone have pointers on virtualization of openMoko via a
>> VMWare-type setup? I'd like to see if there is something available so
>> that I can do a quick demo for my class.  I did the same with OLPC's
>> virtual image ( and
>> that worked wonders for students in understanding the value of such a
>> project.
>> A picture being worth a lot more, etc.
>> cheers,
>> Sameer
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