New wishlist item: Side-mounted touch strip sensor

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> ... An 8-element capacitive
> sensor would work wonderfully and be easy to fab using either a  
> Quantum
> QT411 ( or Analog  
> Devices
> AD7143 (,2877,AD7143,00.html)  
> controller.

I would like to throw in the Cypress series of PSoCs (Programmable  
System on Chips)

Its a 8bit uC plus some digital and analog blocks that can be  
interconnected like a FPGA, all in one single chip.
Its very flexible, and tools for assembly level software developpment  
are freely available.
I dont think that the gcc can currently compile for it as a target  

Why this interesting in my opinion:
Selfmade keylock-logic ala iphone slide, so we dont wake up  
continously the samsung main CPU when worn in a pocket or such thing.  
only after the slide, we generate the interupt.

We are free to develop our own logic.

More Info:

BTW: this is something that might easily be retrofittet to the Phase  
1 devices, once available.


I think the current Ipod nano uses them aswell for the clickwheel.
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