New wishlist item: Side-mounted touch strip sensor

Thomas Seiler thseiler at
Tue Jun 19 21:49:59 CEST 2007

Am 19.06.2007 um 21:26 schrieb Jordan Anderson:

> I have a touch strip on my HTC Excalibur, and one of the first  
> things I did was shut it off -- simply handling the phone was  
> causing the volume to go up and down, or my browser to go back.  
> Obviously a personal thing, but with a physical button it's easier  
> to remember that it's there.

When using a controller that is programmable, one could have a double- 
click keylock feature

1) tap
2) release within specific delay
3) tap again within specific delay and specific nearness to the first  
4) now, while holding the finger, slide.

Only if you "unlocked" with the double tab, then the slide is  

just an idea...


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