Some Application Thoughts - What do you think?

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Wed Jun 20 16:07:38 CEST 2007

Hi list,

I recently added two ideas/projects to the wiki.
I want to raise your attention and start a discussion about what you
think. I also want to encourage you contributing your ideas to the wiki.

1. Bluetooth powered Multi-SIM support
( )
As the Neo1971 does not come with dual-SIM support this could be solved
by joining your old bluetooth-enabled mobile to your OpenMoko-phone.

Let SIM card A be in your OpenMoko-phone and SIM card B in your old mobile:
Incoming call on SIM card B - the OpenMoko-phone acts as a
headset(Bluetooth Headset profile)
Calling out via SIM card B - the OpenMoko-phone acts again as a headset
Same for Short Messages/MMS/Internet

This way you'd have your old phone switched silent and connected to your
OpenMoko-phone that handles all the calls and one can select which SIM
card to use.
Advantage: No 'switching' between cards
Disadvantage: Second mobile needs to be in range(e.g. handbag) and
charged every once in a while.

2. Voice Mailbox
( )
On-Phone voice mailbox that records calls on the phone and retrieves
voice messages from your mobile service provider's voice mailbox and
saves them locally. Can act profile-dependent.


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