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Under what license exactly is silverlight/moonlight?



Op woensdag 27 juni 2007 04:27, schreef Vladimir Giszpenc:
> Hello OpenMoko community,
> OpenMoko is very exciting.  I and many Mono developers like myself
> would like to get involved.  The Mono team has developed Moonlight --
> a port of Microsoft's SilverLight to Linux.  Here are some of the
> things it can do
> It is Open Source, small, fast and works well with others.  The Mono
> team has made it easy for .Net developers to access this technology
> but it is not limited to them.  You don't need Mono to use MoonLight.
> The Mono team would help you create hype give you access to millions
> of C#, VisualBasic, JavaScript, IronPython and Ruby developers because
> it not only has ported the .Net CLR but they made Microsoft's DLR work
> on Linux as well.  The DLR is licensed with a BSD type license.
> How do we get involved?
> Thanks,
> Vlad
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