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On 6/26/07, Rui Moreira <rui at rmoreira.homelinux.net> wrote:
> Hi :
> My name is Rui Moreira and i am a very enthusiastic linux user, i am
> starting to play around with openmoko using qemu.
> I am running it on a Fedora 7 box, and the system is very slow... any
> pointers ?

These are suggestions for QEMU use in general, so if you are already
familiar with QEMU and are wondering specifically about making OpenMoko more
sprightly, you'll have to be more specific (and perhaps ask on the devel
list, where the deep magic happens).

QEMU is CPU-bound and a memory hog, so make sure you are giving it as much
memory as you can. OpenMoko shouldn't need a ton of memory, but I don't
think it would hurt to give it more than it needs - say, a gigabyte. If you
need to put more memory into your computer, this would be a good time. If
you are using a processor with hyperthreading, ensure that the QEMU process
is running on real cores and not a virtual core.

QEMU necessarily has some overhead because of the way that it is designed,
but there is a kernel module called kqemu that overcomes the overhead,
making the VM run at nearly the speed it would on bare metal.

Best of luck wrangling QEMU into shape!
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