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Jeffery Yeakel jeffery.yeakel at
Fri Jun 29 15:49:16 CEST 2007

Reading the announcement from herald on the planet homepage made me sad, and
I am sorry that your having such troubles. I do wonder though that if you
are having such trouble purchasing items why not buy them from China? Since
you are producing the product here maybe it would be a good idea to have an
office here as well.

I live here in taiwans sister city, Xiamen and I can assure you not only
does China support e commerce, but you can buy anything that you could ever
want or need here even things not available on other markets yet. All this
considering Xiamen is one of chinas main shipping hubs. Though it is a bit
strange to what I am accustomed to, all of the tech/computer related
hardware is located at one huge area called computer city. Sadly they all
close around 6 or 7pm which is strange considering most places stay open
much later but everything you need is right there. Its really hard to
believe that taiwan is such a pain when purchasing something when so many
things are made there. In China its really very simple.

Of course this may already be after the fact, but anyway in the future, if
such problems arise consider purchasing from China instead by order or even
a short trip, soon we will have a very fast shuttle boat between Xiamen and

Hope I can be of some help.

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