Guitar Tuner

denis denis at
Fri Jun 29 23:56:04 CEST 2007

Ryan Prior schrieb:
> Whoever gets to it first -- if left up to the core developers,
> everything more critical than it gets precedence. If somebody from the
> community (say, a guitar player) decides to take the project and
> develop it, we'll get the tuner all the sooner. (I'm a poet and didn't
> even realize it!)
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What is the easiest way to get information about the status of some
actual program developement for the normal user? (what applications are
developped and what is the status of the project, perhaps some
screenshots) Is it the Wiki? (seems to me not so up to date) Or is it
the projects site or should I try testing the whole thing with qemu?

Regards, Denis

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