New Oceans

michael at michael at
Sat Jun 30 18:39:27 CEST 2007

On Sat, 30 Jun 2007, Ian Darwin wrote:

>>  I personally would also like to see
>>  Motherboard alone - $150
>>  GPS antenna - $20
>>  Internal subframe - $20
>>  This is both for cases where you damage your neo in some manner that is
>>  clearly not covered by any warranty, and for the cases where you might
>>  like to use the Neo for something it is clearly not suited for in its
>>  existing case.
>>  For example, glue a couple of webcams a USB hub, wifi, into a waterproof
>>   container, and do stuff with it.
> +1 to this unbundled approach.  Also maybe add "replacement touchscreen" as 
> this is probably #1 part most likely to get busted?

Another vote for the unbundled approach. A number of us hardware types are
discussing various gadgets that would hack into the neo for CPU and
connectivity. A pity to waste a whole phone (and the $$s) if the case and
screen is not needed.

Sean, how does this work from a certification point of view? Do you have to
get the whole device certified? Can you sell the internal subframe by itself,
with whatever certification is required? Is certification even an issue since
that's all handled by the GSM/SIM interface which we have no visibility into?


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