Anti theft protection of our cherished device.

wim delvaux wim.delvaux at
Sat Jun 30 20:46:44 CEST 2007

Hi sean and other OpenMoko-ers

Just read an article on Slashdot (?) about the fact that lots of
of our precious gadgets get stolen (or lost).

Not being a hardware guy, I was wondering if one could build/integrate/stick 
to them some kind of 'anti-proximity' detector.

This is a device that consists of a a central - costly ? - pockettable 
detector (that probes for a set of devices within a  know list every now and 
then) and which you put in your pocket, or wallet or on your keychain.

Around that device a 'cloud' of periferals exists (Neo, wallet, Phone, 
Laptop, ...) each tagged with a cheap ID which gets probed by the central.

If any of the periferals fall out of range, the central beeps warning me - the 
owner of these nice periferals - that I am loosing one.

I do not know if this idea is at all feasible (battery consumption, size, ...) 
or perhaps it even exists, but I wanted to float this idea.

Suggestions comments welcome


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