Bluetooth Headset - Voice Commands

Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Thu Mar 1 00:03:22 CET 2007

I know we never came to an official conclusion on the voice command 
question, but I'm going to intentionally jump ahead and ask another 
question concerning Bluetooth.  So for the sake of the question, lets 
assume we have a program called VoiceControl that handles taking spoken 
commands and taking appropriate action...and we'll assume its an awesome 
program too.

When there is no call currently in progress, can we press the button on 
the headset and have that do two things.  First, route the audio input 
and output to the Bluetooth headset and secondly call VoiceControl?  
That way when driving/walking I could have the phone docked/cradled/in 
my pocket and when I wanted to make a phone call, I could simply press 
the bluetooth headset button and say "Call [whoever]" and the phone 
automatically dial [whoever].

The reason that I ask is that on my PocketPC phone (iMate PDA2K), there 
is supposedly a hardware limitation that will not allow for this to 
occur.  It can have the bluetooth headset button initiate the program, 
but it cannot use the bluetooth headset to transfer the audio to the 
program.  It has to use the built-in microphone for routing audio to the 
voice command software.  I don't remember specifics, but I think it was 
because the bluetooth module tied to the gsm module in hardware or 
something along those lines.

All of that to ask, is the bluetooth implementation on this device going 
to have that same limitation?  I was looking through the wiki and 
noticed the bluetooth is connected to the USB Host I am 
hopeful it won't suffer the same limitation.

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