Some ideas

Wolfgang Silbermayr wolfgang at
Thu Mar 1 10:06:10 CET 2007

Hi Openmoko List!

I have been following the progress of openmoko and I really love how
things are going. As far as I can tell now, I will order the Neo as soon
as it is available.

Here are some ideas that I would really love to see in openmoko:

== Real-time switching of audio sources and sinks during a call ==
When I drive in my car, I usually use the bluetooth headset for talking.
When I arrive at home during a call, I just want to switch the headset
off and continue talking directly on the phone. The other way round
would also be really fine to do - I started a call directly on the
handset and I switch on the bluetooth headset and continue talking over

== Search by surename and forename ==
I have all people in my telepone book stored with the second name and
the first name. Because nearly all of my relatives have the same
surename as I do, I have a fairly long list when I type in "sil" which
is the first letters of my surname. Then I usually have to either skip
through this list or write "silbermayr" completely in because on my
motorola phone I can't just type in a space and afterwards the first
letter of the forename. I would love the phone book application to
simply jump to the entry "Silbermayr Wolfgang" as soon as I write "sil
wo" into the search field.

== Make phone usable even without simcard ==
I once had the problem that I lost my simcard when moving it from one
phone to another. From that moment on I could not get beyond the pin
dialog so it was impossible for me to access any contents that were
stored on the phone like my phonebook or my calendar until I borrowed a
friend's sim card. I would love to be able to boot up the phone even
without a sim card. In that case of course all gsm-related functionality
would have to be disabled.

That's my ideas so far.

Greetings, Wolfgang Silbermayr.

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