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Jonathon Suggs jsuggs at
Thu Mar 1 19:44:08 CET 2007

kkr wrote:
> Why not use an open format (.ogg) rather than proprietary one (.avi)?
> Regards,
Really not trying to start a fight here.  But more players support avi 
than ogg.  Therefore I agree with the choice.

Open formats and standards are great when they stand on their own 
merits.  Not that ogg isn't better, but the goal is to spread 
information, therefore we want the most people to be able to view the 
video.  Bottom line is open standards aren't better just because they 
are open standards.  I can't believe this argument comes up even on 
which video codec is used...  No wonder mailing lists can be "scary" to 
new comers.

All of that to say.  They guy did something positive.  You criticized.  
Why should he want to help you in the future?  Instead of complaining, 
re-encode into ogg with your own time and resources and let people have 
the CHOICE of what they want to use.

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