Possible security hole for Dialers/troyan horses

Martin Raißle martin.raissle at googlemail.com
Fri Mar 2 00:15:04 CET 2007

On 3/2/07, Jonathon Suggs <jsuggs at murmp.com> wrote:
> I really like that idea.  That could be a standard part of EVERY
> installed app (outside of trusted OpenMoko apps).  Just one more step in
> helping users not shoot themselves in the foot.

In combination of what was said before - the virus scanner - we could
maybe use a database of application hashes, so not every app has to be
configurated but only those that are not found in the database, maybe
this will bring some focus to security to the average user, since not
every app goes along with a warning.
If there are too many warnings user tend to grant any right to any app.


"The only secure computer is one that's unplugged, locked in a safe,
and buried 20 feet under the ground in a secret location... and I'm
not even too sure about that one"--Dennis Huges, FBI.

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