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Ian Stirling openmoko at
Fri Mar 2 00:17:07 CET 2007

kkr wrote:
> Le jeudi 01 mars 2007 à 12:44 -0600, Jonathon Suggs a écrit :
>> kkr wrote:
>>> Why not use an open format (.ogg) rather than proprietary one (.avi)?

> It was not a criticism, only a question! If you felt it as such a
> criticism, I'm sorry...
> If I've asked it, it's only:
> - FOSDEM use too ogg format
> - because on my linux, I'm unable (yet) to see avi


Get mplayer, and compile.

This is playable with only the software codecs, no windows dlls are 
involved at all. (or at least it worked with them moved out of the usual 

As to why I picked it - I don't know offhand the switches to make 
mencoder output ogg.
I don't even own a windows box.

(well, strictly speaking, I do have a windows 98 installation on a 15GB 
disk that was sort-of-working when I put it in a cupboard the best part 
of a decade ago)

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