Platforms for Engineering school labs (Was: Re: RFC: Public targets having a big potential: Engineering schools)

Gergely Kis openmoko at
Fri Mar 2 09:48:50 CET 2007


Actually we are planning on doing this at the Technical University of Hungary.
I have an Embedded Linux course, where in the past years we used Siemens
Blue2Net devices + HP Ipaq 5500s with Familiar as the target, but the
former device is very low power (50 Mhz PPC, limited peripherials),
and the later is not really designed for Linux, altough it can be used
for education.

We just acquired Glomation GESBC-9315 developer boards, which has
similar parameters as the Neo + a CAN / RS485 bus controller which
makes it useful to demonstrate industrial applications. We also plan
to acquire Neo/OpenMoko devices to replace/complement the Ipaqs.

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On 2/25/07, michael at <michael at> wrote:
> Something else your post made me think of: Many engineering programs have labs
> that involve a particular hardware platform.
> OpenMoko would make an ideal platform for labs on all the different
> technologies involved: embedded systems programming, small screen UI, hardware
> control, modem interfacing and control, GPRS applications, etc.
> With access to the openmoko website and sourcecode, instructors have a huge
> range of material to work with.
> Students will have access to the hardware via JTAG, and more via the lunchbox.
> All this at an extremely inexpensive price. I'll bet most lab platforms are
> much more expensive as they are low volume development platforms.
> Heck, some of you here could be teaching these classes. Perhaps just write up
> a proposal and send it to your local college extension program?
> Thoughts?
> Michael

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