Possible security hole for Dialers/troyan horses

Tim Newsom cephdon at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 16:35:17 CET 2007

On Fri, 2 Mar 2007 6:09, Evgeny wrote:
> It still Linux based phone — there is absolutely no real-life viruses
> for Linux at this time, trojans are possible treat, but user have to
> install them by himself.

That's a pretty strong statement.. Are you absolutely sure there are no 
viruses for linux in the wild?

It would seem to me that the time to think about protection is before 
you have a problem. Granted, you will never catch everything up front. 
However, thinking about and dealing with the trojan, virus , issue is 
not too different from the steps we were taking to notify about 
unintended actions of programs. I.e. Getting a notification and deciding 
on how the action should be handled, etc.  I think Norton Internet 
security does an excellent job on windows.. It knows about many, many 
applications and versions of them, can tell you if it was modified or 
contains known threats including trojans, lets you know when a program 
does something it was not explicitly allowed to do and does it pretty 
well without making my laptop crawl.  Combined with a rootkit detection 
system of some kind it would be great, but I am sure there are still 
holes in it I don't see.  Right?
I would use it on my phone if it existed for that platform.

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