Apple's multitouch pattent?

mathew davis someoneinjapan at
Sat Mar 3 01:51:15 CET 2007

Just wonderign if any body knows for sure if apple has a pattent on their
multi touch technology.  check out this video on google.

Very impressive stuff.  I mean I am sure that this would probably be a lot
of processing for the neo, but just looking at the video there are so many
things that you can imagine you could do with this technology.  This would
be a perfect peice of technology for an open community.  If it is pattented
then I can't wait until someone else comes up with a similar technology.  I
counted that they had as many as 10 touches on the same panel at one time.
I wonder if they just use some kind of sectioning or something.  Any way's I
am just curious.  That and the voice control could change the way we
interace with things.  I have always thought that the interface between
human and machine has developed very slowly.  I mean the mouse and key board
have been around for ever and they are still the standard method of
communicating with a machine.  Just thought I would post this question here
as every one here seems to be very knowledgable about this kind of thing.
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