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Sun Mar 4 20:50:07 CET 2007

On 3/4/07, Andreas Kostyrka <andreas at> wrote:
> * Graham Auld <openmoko at> [070304 20:10]:
> > As I understand it Andreas, the hackers lunchbox is including the dev board
> > connecting thru the JTAG interface of the phone. You would purchace your
> > phone seperatly.
> Yeah, but gadgets useable as phones (hardware-wise) won't be available
> before Summer, right?

If I'm wrong, someone please correct me, but as I understand it, the
phase 0 release will roll out hardware that's pretty much complete,
and usable as a phone.  the difference will be the software package
that's released.  somewhere up on the wiki, there's a list of what
software will be released when.   the reason the releases are listed
as "developer" is the software package isn't complete.  By getting the
hardware into the hands of the developers first, the software becomes
more and more complete, and ready for consumer release

as for the summer hardware refresh, I'd like to know more too, but I'm
assuming it's:
1. taking care of any "oh noes" that get noticed in the previous
hardware revision
2. adding features where the FIC team have given in to the griping
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