hardware refresh and hardware beta testing

Jeff Andros jeff at bigredtj.com
Sun Mar 4 20:57:43 CET 2007

as I was writing up my previous email, a thought occurred to me.  for
the big name hardware manufacturers, there's a definite benefit to
supporting openmoko on thier platforms they intend to release with
their proprietary OS's: testing.  by releasing the hardware to the
embedded community they can find any hardware issues (stinky razr
keyboards?) that don't crop up in in-house testing.  in reality, they
don't even have to release more than a basic driver set... some of us
in the community enjoy that particular brand of vodka.

I know FIC is releasing the NEO under a different name as well, could
this be a motivation/benefit to them?

and the benefit to us is that more Openmoko platform devices are
available, there are more on the street... more people who go "what
kind of a phone is that" or "how did you use your phone to unlock the
door of your car"(come on, that would be such a cool app... anyone up
to changing the receiver/transciever for their remote door unlock?)
and we have public interest.

everybody wins

anyways, just a thought that occurred to me


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