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Sun Mar 4 22:44:13 CET 2007

On Sun, 4 Mar 2007, Jeff Andros wrote:

> ....
> as for the summer hardware refresh, I'd like to know more too, but I'm
> assuming it's:
> 1. taking care of any "oh noes" that get noticed in the previous
> hardware revision
> 2. adding features where the FIC team have given in to the griping
> coming from this list

It's not so much a matter of "giving in to griping", but a careful and
continuous analysis of the balance of cost, changes to schedule, changes to
software, and desireability, both by developers and consumers. Decisions are
made with the best information available at the time, and sometimes later
information suggests a different conclusion.

It takes great strength of personal and corporate character to be willing to
admit that publicly and to make the change, and great wisdom to know when it is
appropriate to do so, and when not.

FIC and OpenMoko are going to incredible lengths to work with the community on
this project, and at great risk. Please let's treat them as partners, which is
how they are treating us, and not as the enemy.


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