Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Florent THIERY fthiery at
Mon Mar 5 03:21:15 CET 2007

Hey, great idea ! I'd be happy to use such a system.

But there's a problem i didn't find an answear to:
- the neo will have a "monopoint" touchscreen (at least at first)
- a finger is way bigger than a detectable area

-> What point will exactly be detected while pressing somewhere with a finger?

Plus, what about using the selection wheel / T9 ? Any news/details
about this feature yet, by the way?

Anyway, please keep up the brainstorming :)

I was thinking about self-completion. On such a machine, we'll need
maximum efficiency for passable on-the-go cmd line typing, and
therefore we'll need to have some sort of "T9 for command line",
"sophisticated" autocompletion (sh should do that i guess), if we also
want parameters autocompletion.

What will the embedded terminal be? GPE's?



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