'My Account' - a way to store information about the phones owner, so they can be reunited if it's lost.

Bartłomiej Zdanowski DRP AC2 b.zdanowski at autoguard.pl
Mon Mar 5 09:14:56 CET 2007

Ian Stirling napisał(a):
> Paul Wouters wrote:
>> On Thu, 1 Mar 2007, Ian Stirling wrote:
>>> Reflashing never gets you back a different account number, it keys 
>>> off the
>>> IMEI, which is not flashable. (well, perhaps it is, but it's not 
>>> flashable
>>> from the linux side, and AIUI, nobody else knows how at the moment.)
>> I really hope the IMEI number is not available to every application 
>> or even
> The IMEI is readable out of the modem with standard AT commands.
> There is even a standard across all GSM phones to get it to display it.
Guys, guys... IMEI is written on phone's specific component. In older 
phones there was just eeprom which could be desoldered changed and 
soldered back. That was the way to disable SIM-Lock too.
I used to do it.
IMEI is like MAC address. It can be changed. It is granted from special 
pool to every GSM module manufacturer (just like MAC is).
The phone manages IMEI distribution and displaying. If you can program 
your phone, you can disable IMEI showing to user.

It was the primary task after phone theft to change IMEI so GSM network 
cannot recognize it as stolen. Really, consider it as MAC address. Phone 
operators actually keep only black list to block stolen phone and not 
every GSM operator does it. Also if the number is out of the official 
manufacturer pool (illegal) network won't give access.

Ian Stirling says: "a standard across all GSM phones to get it to 
display it". Yes, it is *#06# combination from keypad (try it) and AT 
commands. But it is the standard, like Ctrl+alt+delete for rebooting 
(both Linux and MS Products). Showing it to user or applications CAN be 
Other thing is GSM network request. GSM network requires the phone to 
tell it's IMEI otherwise it won't give the phone access to network.  
This cannot be disabled.

As *we* program Neo 1973 we are managing the use of IMEI number. We can 
hide it from user. We cannot hide it from GSM network.

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