Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at
Mon Mar 5 13:50:35 CET 2007

On Monday 05 March 2007 11:34:47 Lars Hallberg wrote:
> Should be as clear as on the pictures... But You might need to look
> close... But the neo case have a hole for the nose for that special

Clear yes, but also about 3 times smaller than on your desktop screen...

> purpose :-) Hopefully, You soon learn where the keys are.

Which gives rise to the question of how to best arrange them...

> Yes, it's that 'spalash' effect of adjacent keys that's the main
> concept,  not the exact layout. However.. 36 keys may be good for
> entering contacts data... but I *want* a full-blown keyboard level of
> functionality. For me, a common use case is remote admin of servers with
> ssh... and any legacy terminal app may be used (completely unaware of
> 'mobile envirionment').

Add another button that allows to tap shortcuts (for example like it is done 
in some of the vnc clients). In general, I find I'm using LESS keys for 
terminal work than for text entry. YMMV.

> > [1] which brings me to the point that maybe round buttons aren't the most
> > efficient way of doing it?
> Round match hexagons well. Putting them in a square layout is
> suboptimal, 
I meant for the second level, where they are essentially already in a 
hexagonal shape...

> I think the size is close to optimal with 6 buttons wide (but it must be
> tested on a neo to be sure). The total area is not to big and high, and
> the 'drags' is not so long. 

If you use drag vectors instead of actual taps on the buttons, you might get 
away with very short drags, really.

> One question is if the scroll wheel is needed simultaneous with the
> keyboard. That would else leave room for 4 buttons (24 keys) more. But
> in that case maybe 5*3 with 'space' on the sides so all buttons can have
> all 7 combinations would be better... 5*3*7 - 105 keys.

Do you really need all those keys? I generally don't. Then again, I don't plan 
on doing non emergency work in terminals either... And on a notebook you 
usually don't have all of them for direct access, either.
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