Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Mon Mar 5 15:02:45 CET 2007

Gabriel Ambuehl wrote:
> On Monday 05 March 2007 11:34:47 Lars Hallberg wrote:
>> Should be as clear as on the pictures... But You might need to look
>> close... But the neo case have a hole for the nose for that special
> Clear yes, but also about 3 times smaller than on your desktop screen...
>> purpose :-) Hopefully, You soon learn where the keys are.
> Which gives rise to the question of how to best arrange them...

Ideally - if designing it from a completely clean sheet, you want it so 
that 'typos' result in very different letters.

e 0 i

would be a spectacularly bad pick, for example, whereas

d 0 q

might be good.

This is so autocorrection software can function well.

Then there is the fun question of how many 'initial' points, and how 
many vectors per point.
10 numbers, with 8 drags from each number gives you alphanumeric, and 
easily 30 common phrases, or word components.
'I'll be ' 'home ' 'at ' '6' 'P' 'M' ' ' 'Love you!'
In 8 strokes.

If you go slightly further, and each stroke can either terminate 
normally, go longer, go clockwise, go anticlockwise, or return, that 
takes you up to 5 per stroke, or 400 'keys'.

It would be lovely if this was incrementally learnable.

First level - press 0, hold, get
a 0 q
splashing out.

Once you're comfortable, you get
D d Q
a 0 q
A f F

Drag and hold to F, and you get

     Finish First

Found F

Find     Friday

( down-right stroke from 0 = F, turning clockwise is Find )

And the words for 'f' might be 'food, friend, ...'

Being silly, you can then hold on food, and go out to 'pizza, chips, 
kebab, lunch'

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