Idea: Mass Text Messaging

Steven ** montgoss+openmokocommunity at
Mon Mar 5 15:19:17 CET 2007

My crappy Verizon locked-down phone already allows multiple to
addresses.  It also allows assigning contacts to pre-assigned groups.
Sounds like you'd like the address book to allow arbitrary grouping
and the ability to address a message to a group.  Seems pretty simple.
 I'd suspect it could be integrated into the existing contacts/SMS
application pretty easily.


On 3/4/07, Ryan Kline <radryan214 at> wrote:
> I repeatedly find myself in situations similar to this:
>         I am at the mall with my parents and want to know if any of my
> friends are at the mall. I text individual friends (awkwardly) to ask
> if they are at the mall.
> Most of the time (99.99%) they are not, but still....
> Anyway, my idea is a mass text feature that allows you to text a
> group of people all at the same time (with some kind of hint that the
> text has been sent to others)
> Can anyone make this happen?
> -ryan
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