Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Florent THIERY fthiery at
Mon Mar 5 16:43:38 CET 2007

About the graphics part, there's something i always found frustrating
with existing virtual keyboards (say, the motorola EZX one): they
remain hidden most of the time, but when you start typing in a text
area, the keyboard appears, taking 70% of the screen.

What could be done here (but it depends on the graphics capabilities
of openmoko), is a fully transparent keyboard, letting you see what's
under, so that text input is optimized for unobtrusivity.

For instance, type on a text input area; background (app) stays the
same, the keyboard shows up, 80% transparent, but using optimized
coloring (for instance, taking the exact negative of the background on
every point), so that it's still readable.

About autocompletion/T9: are there plans for or already existing T9
implementations ?


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