Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Lars Hallberg lah at
Mon Mar 5 17:03:15 CET 2007

Gabriel Ambuehl skrev:
> On Monday 05 March 2007 11:34:47 Lars Hallberg wrote:
>> Should be as clear as on the pictures... But You might need to look
>> close... But the neo case have a hole for the nose for that special
> Clear yes, but also about 3 times smaller than on your desktop screen...

You can always take a closer look by pressing a button, and drag out of 
the 'splash' if it's wrong.

> Which gives rise to the question of how to best arrange them...

Yes.. I'm most unhappy about esc and del, and I want to get PG Up and Pg 
Dn in there to.

The numbers are OK, The letters reuse knowledges that T9 users have. The 
  3 buttons at the right feels OK, as do the cursorcontrolls.

> Add another button that allows to tap shortcuts (for example like it is done 
> in some of the vnc clients). In general, I find I'm using LESS keys for 
> terminal work than for text entry. YMMV.

Is not this more the apps responsibility.... The messenger app know who 
I'm typing to, and can analyse what I usably type to that person.

> I meant for the second level, where they are essentially already in a 
> hexagonal shape...

Yes, hexagons is better then yes.. just harder to mock up ;-)

>> I think the size is close to optimal with 6 buttons wide (but it must be
>> tested on a neo to be sure). The total area is not to big and high, and
>> the 'drags' is not so long. 
> If you use drag vectors instead of actual taps on the buttons, you might get 
> away with very short drags, really.

To short drag might make it hard to just tap the 'central' button. But 
the splash should come up centered round the actual press point, not the 
pressed buttons center. That way ju can just strike your key... a 
reasonable right strike starting in the reasonable right spot will work.

>> One question is if the scroll wheel is needed simultaneous with the
>> keyboard. That would else leave room for 4 buttons (24 keys) more. But
>> in that case maybe 5*3 with 'space' on the sides so all buttons can have
>> all 7 combinations would be better... 5*3*7 - 105 keys.
> Do you really need all those keys?

XHTML with embedded both javascript and embedded PHP with embedded 
SQL... Lots of strange chars... Then there's the editors. A lot of stuff 
use emacs key binding. Other 'windows' style (like press shift and move 
the cursor to mark)...

~90 should work. A lot of char may be changed when shift is pressed. And 
removing the 3 boxes frees 3 keys... but as the strokes still is slower 
than typing on a real keyboard, keeping the number of needed strokes 
down is good. so many keys is good.


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