Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

Joe Pfeiffer jjpfeifferjr at
Mon Mar 5 19:24:28 CET 2007

michael at writes:
>How about making use of AI techniques and having the layout self-adjust to
>generate a layout that pushes frequently used letters to the right places, and
>then arranges the surrounding letters to reduce typos? If this consumes too
>much processing power for normal use, there could be a separate "learning"
>mode during which you would tolerate the slowness, and later switch to fixed
>mode. Or it could be like SpamAssassin - keystrokes (both correct and
>incorrect) are logged in some efficient way, and later you can "train" the
>layout "engine" when the device is not in use, perhaps even pushing the
>processing to a different computer.

That would not be a good idea:  there is no key layout so bad that's
it's worse than one that changes out from under the user.

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