Near field communication

Bruce Deschamps bruce.deschamps at
Mon Mar 5 19:41:43 CET 2007

Hi all,

My name is Bruce, I recently subscribe to the community list and I have been
reading a few of the very interesting threads you've been talking about. I
was wondering if  any of you had thought about near field communication
capabilities like using RFID reader and chips to deal with payment,
ticketing, infotainment, or entreprise solutions like tracking by using the
neo1973 and openMoko Framework?

I have been starting working on this kind of project this year at university
but til now we've only had  proprietary solutions from NXP , Nokia and so
on. I was wondering if there was any possibility to integrate this
functionnality into our upcoming Neo and openMoko?

I would be glad to hear about it if anyone has some info...


bruce.deschamps at
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