Real world bluetooth range?

Bartłomiej Zdanowski DRP AC2 b.zdanowski at
Wed Mar 7 10:52:09 CET 2007

Sven Neuhaus napisał(a):
> Hi,
> now that some phase 0 units have arrived, could someone please check the
> real-world bluetooth range that can be achieved? I wonder if one bluetooth
> AP can cover an entire flat (for VoIP etc). According to the wiki, the
> bluetooth in the Neo is of class 2, so the range should be around 10 meters.
> It'd be best if you have a class 1 bluetooth dongle (100 meter range) to
> test the range of course, so the Neo is the limiting factor and not the PC
> bluetooth dongle.
Point-to-point range depends on weaker device's performance, so Neo 
limits bluetooth range. I say that 10 meters is in open space. Try to 
connect through walls...
It is very idea to put BT class 1 to Neo in future releases but of 
course it depends on costs and what will designers say on that.
This is a question to FIC: is it possible to mount BT class 1 in future?

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