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Ian Stirling openmoko at
Wed Mar 7 18:34:03 CET 2007

Attila Csipa wrote:
> On Monday 05 March 2007 07:01, Sean Moss-Pultz wrote:
>>> As I understand it Andreas, the hackers lunchbox is including the dev
>>> board
>>> connecting thru the JTAG interface of the phone. You would purchace
>>> your
>>> phone seperatly.
>>> Someone please correct me if I missunderstand.
>> This is correct.
> Could we get a photo of the dev board (or perhaps a pointer to the appropriate 
> page, I couldn't find anything substantial in the wiki about it) ? Something 
> like , but of course it doesn't need 
> to be as detailed, just a high res photo and 5 minutes in kolourpaint or gimp 
> to highlight points of interest. There are dev boards and 'dev boards', and 
> 200$ is enough for me to get curious to find out what that dev board actually 
> contains/looks like :)

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