Yet another finger keybord (gui mock-up).

michael at michael at
Wed Mar 7 18:45:41 CET 2007

On Wed, 7 Mar 2007, Lars Hallberg wrote:

> Lars Hallberg skrev:
>>  Gabriel Ambuehl skrev:
>> >  I meant for the second level, where they are essentially already in a 
>> >  hexagonal shape...
>>  Yes, hexagons is better then yes.. just harder to mock up ;-)
> Thinking more on it... hexagons is not best... as the splash pops up in the 
> center of the press, the middle button need not be big (just cover for 
> accidental slip). Better to increase the drag targets (making it more of a 
> drag vector thing.
> Updated: with new 'splash' design and more 
> explanation.
> Thanks everyone for the feedback so far.
> /LaH

By the way, your mock ups are beautiful, well documented, and very
professionally presented. You must be a graphic or industrial designer (or
something like that) in your day job.

Thanks for your work in this area.


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