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On Wed, 2007-03-07 at 09:11 -0500, Richard Franks wrote:
> On 3/7/07, Jon Phillips <jon at> wrote:
> > This is interesting to see the larger ambitions of the project. It might
> > also help to expand upon what types of devices could be constructed with
> > this logic, in addition to neo1973. I'm thinking remotes, media players,
> > watches, etc...
> What if you mated Elite with Yahoo Pipes - instead of RSS feeds, you
> have extensible data streams.. and instead of planets you have
> conceptual nodes. Instead of trade routes, by clicking on a node you
> can see and edit which data streams it imports and exports, and can be
> anything from a simple wrapper to the GPS device, to a user, an
> application or represent a physical device such as your desktop or
> Neo.
> Here's an early demo picture, although the lack of structure makes it
> look rather too complex at the moment:
> Instead of adding a security layer later, each node could have its own
> private/public key combo from birth, and would (by default) be
> authenticated by the node representing the physical device layer. The
> user node may use a third-party to authenticate themselves, which
> would allow them to travel between devices, or may choose to operate
> in a reduced security domain which allows local authentication -
> simply drag a new node from your 'parent' user-node, un-check the
> security domains you don't want it to access, and allow password
> authentication for that 'child' node.
> To set up communication between nodes, the device authentication layer
> would handle the swapping of public keys - transparently if requested
> between multiple physical devices, but the utility arises from this
> ability to dynamically create overlapping security domains (e.g. my
> work, friends, family, spouse, etc).
> I think I've failed in the description somewhat, as I'm still in the
> early-prototype stages - but I think it could provide access to
> conceptual and physical resources as simple building blocks, which is
> fundamental for emergence to flourish.

Well, please put on the wiki: and flesh it out
some more :)


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