Real world bluetooth range?

Sven Neuhaus sven-openmoko at
Thu Mar 8 09:42:22 CET 2007

michael at wrote:
> I will be happy to do so. Unfortunately I am slammed at work this week but
> will do this next week.


> The device as shipped doesn't have many apps ready to use, but I'm sure
> there
> are command line utilities to poke and prod the bluetooth hardware. I
> really
> haven't yet had time to read the online documentation nor to explore my
> device.
> I would expect this range to vary with the strength and quality of the
> radio
> in the device I'm communicating with. I don't suppose there is a standard,
> e.g. a particular headset (make and model) such that comparisons are valid?

There's a test of EDR bluetooth USB sticks in c't magazine 21/2005 on page
190ff. Accordingly, the sticks with the best reception and range were
Cellink BTA-6030 and Planex BT-01UDE. They both feature -90dBm sensitivity.

You can't measure the range with a bluetooth headset because they're class 3
devices with less range than the Neo1973, which is class 2.


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