Phase 0 devices just running @100MHz?

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Thu Mar 8 13:45:38 CET 2007

Pierre Hébert schrieb:
> It doesn't seem so bad : my s3c2440 at 400MHz shows 199bogomips, so at 
> 200MHz 100bogomips seems correct (s3c2440 has the same cpu as s3c2410).
> I don't know if the bogomips indication is a value in which we can really 
> trust, these little devices are really efficient even at 
> 100/200bogomips.

The bogomips result is a little different depending on the core
architecture. So for the Samsung CPU bogomips ~= 1/2 MHz.
OK, good to know!
A PXA270 I have on my desk has the ~ 1:1 bogomips to MHz mapping...


> cheers,
> Pierre.
  nils faerber

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