AGPS - protocol specs?

Lars Hallberg lah at
Thu Mar 8 17:09:58 CET 2007

Nils Faerber skrev:
> Exactly.
> Also relative positioning can be made much more precise using the raw
> data (AFAIK in the range of cm not m).

Wow! If this is true, speed and direction can be fairly accurate 
calculated even at low speed.

This makes orienting a map with the moving direction towards the top of 
the screen useful when walking... a virtual compass!

Also short distant measuring (a few meters) can be useful!

Wish You all luck!

PS This would somewhat compensate for the lack of accelerometer and 
gyro... but would on the other hand make them more useful as You at even 
low speed can calculate the 'start' vector and you would get more 
interesting stuff out of the 'realtime' data provided. ie, pointing at 
buildings etc with gesture should really work (if You move, but slow 
walking would be enough)! DS


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