AGPS - protocol specs?

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Thu Mar 8 19:52:30 CET 2007

Martin Lefkowitz wrote:
>> Message: 10
>> Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2007 13:19:40 +0000
>> From: Ian Stirling <openmoko at>
>>   The gpsd will output assorted parameters, including current 
>> position, ...
>> You can take this - or even output from a nearby (1m) GPS, and the 
>> bitstream input and output to the GPS chip, and try to work out what 
>> the chip sends out.
> I don't understand what is meant by a nearby (1m) GPS.  How does the 
> device communicate with a nearby GPS?

It doesn't - at all.
However, in the absence of a GPS daemon that understands the chip 
output, if the chip could just be turned on, the nearby GPS could be 
used to determine (almost exactly) what signals are going into the chip, 
which makes decoding the protocol easier.

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