AGPS - protocol specs?

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> 2007/3/9, Bartlomiej Zdanowski AutoGuard Ltd. <b.zdanowski at>:
>>  I asked my colleagues who are GPS devices specialists and they said 
>> that
>> this is all wrong.
> Did they talked about AGPS (
They did about technology itself not about marketing terms (as Wiki says):
 > AGPS is purely a marketing term.
Hot start has nothing to do with it. GPS is still very inaccurate. It's 
very powerful if you focus on task that Object (human, car, plane etc.) 
that carries GPS receiver does.
Lets assume that an Object is a car and you have accurate GPS maps. Car 
equipped with GPS receiver drives only through road and not surrounding 
buildings and side-walks that's sure. So now even if reading does not 
point somewhere on the road software can compute new position (depending 
on car's speed and direction) to correct red GPS position to put car on 
the road. Understand this?
If person should walk on side-walk, with current area map you can 
correct GPS inaccurate reading to compute new position on side-walk 
instead somewhere near on road, in build or in surrounding bushes.

I work for company that develops devices for car and person tracking. We 
do the stuff as written above to correct GPS readings.
A car that is parked in front of our office equipped in GPS receiver 
collects data about it position. Even if is parked in the same place for 
all day, with a clear sky above (a many satellites visible), raw GPS
readings show that it hangs around all day in range of a few tens of 
meters and sometimes a hundred of meters. And I can assure the we use 
good GPS receivers.

The problem is very complicated.

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