What moblie service to get, part 2

mathew davis someoneinjapan at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 22:54:17 CET 2007


As to the contract you don't need a 2 year contract to get a sim card.  In
fact as far as I know even a pre-paid plan, in which you pre pay for
minutes, will get you a sim card.  you also don't _need_ to sign up for a
data plan, but I would bet if your getting this for the neo1973 you will
have more features like google maps, internet browsing, and many other
features that would require a data plan.  At least that has been my
experiance here in the USA.  As far as ecallplus I have no idea I have never
looked at them before I bet you could find the answers you are looking for
on their site.

> I also think the openmoko.com site should have information on services
> somewhere. It's such a fundamental question- "what services can I use
> openmoko with?"

What services are you looking for?  You should check the wiki I think it
covers just about everything you could ever dream of relating to the open
neo1973.  If it's not on the wiki and it's not been part of the e-mail's
then chances are it doesn't have it.  If you are talking about which
provider has the neo1973 none do yet it's only in phase 0.  If you want to
pick up the neo1973 you will have to wait until september.  Unless you want
to sign up for the developer version which will be comming out soon.
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