What moblie service to get, part 2

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Fri Mar 9 23:54:55 CET 2007

On 3/9/07, Mike <fromlists at talkingspider.com> wrote:
> Thanks by why don't I need to sign up for a data plan? Can I get on the
> web/internet without a data plan? Can I "dial" up like I asked in my
> last email?
> And if I can, then couldn't I just get google maps by opening up a web
> browser on my neo and going to maps.google.com, what's the advantage of
> a data plan?

AFAIK you need a data plan if you want to surf the web.  There might be
alternatives to getting internet acces to your neo but I don't know of
them.  And maybe someone could correct me on this point, but I think you can
use your phone as a dialup device but that would give you internet to the
computer which is using your phone as a modem.  I guess you could use the
bluetooth as a network adapter but I don't know if that will give you
internet access if your network has it.

As in what cell phone service plans- tmobile, cingular, contracts, sim
> cards, data plans, prepaid. what plans will it work with.  This seems
> like an obvious set of common questions.  The only thing I found on the
> wiki was "A: Wikipedia has a list of providers and technologies here. A
> brief look gives the impression that T-Mobile and Cingular (which is
> renaming itself AT&T) seem to be the only major ones."  That's not enough.

What ever services you can put on your sim card should work, example,
unlimited text, any minute plan, any data rate plan, and any prepaid service
you can get through t-mobile and/or cingular.  So what ever services your
provider offers, which you can find on their websites, should work on the
neo1973.  Now if I am wrong someone correct me please.

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