What moblie service to get, part 2

Mike fromlists at talkingspider.com
Sat Mar 10 00:44:53 CET 2007

mathew davis wrote:
> Sorry those links are don't work.  Also I don't know the answer to those 
> questions you should visit a cingular/t-mobile store for those questions 
> they don't have anything to do with openmoko so I can't help you I am 
> sorry.  They should be able to tell you which plan let you surf the 
> internet and which plans allow you to just text and which plan just 
> let's you download songs off their sight.  I wish I could help out more 
> here but you will have to ask someone who works at cingular/tmobile.

Thanks but a cingular/t-mobile store is not going to tell me which of 
their 15 data plans will work with a neo phone.  Maybe one of the 
openmoko people will come around and notice this thread.

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