useability of phase 1 phones

Peter Trapp openmoko at
Sat Mar 10 12:48:33 CET 2007


there's a description about the different phases on

There're 3 different section (stylus, panel and finger)

AFAIK these are the appl which will be produced in that face, so starting phase-1 should include phase-0 appl. All others programs will drop in ;)

So I think you will be able to use it as a "phone" but keep in mind it's a developer version, so maybe it's unstable ...


- I'm not a official openmoko speeker ... 

> Hi,
> 2007/3/9, Martin Raißle <martin.raissle at>:
> > hi,
> >
> > i know the phase 1 phones are some kind of developer preview, but i'm
> > not sure about how "preview" they are. can i use them at least for
> > calling and writing text messages (and maybe internet) or are even
> > these basic functions still in development ... i need a new phone
> > since my old one will say goodbye in few weeks and i'm not sure if i
> > should get a neo1973 or another phone .. hope someone can help me
> I'm exactly in the same situation and would also like to know if at
> least calling, addressbook and writing/receiving SMS works.
> > bye
> > martin
> Thanks,
> Andreas
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