The 911 button? how is it set up?

Charles McEvoy charles at
Sun Mar 11 09:15:52 CET 2007

On Sunday 11 March 2007 06:31, Clare Johnstone wrote:
> Hi all,
> Just looking at the  information on the Wiki about the hardware,
> I got curious about the so-called 911 button. I am supposing it is for
> emergency calls, but is my country (Australia) alone in not using
> that number for emergencies?
> Looking up what we do use, I found:
> <quote>
> You can still attempt a normal '000'emergency call from a GSM mobile
> but if you do not have reception, you can dial '112' and your call
> will be carried by any available GSM network.
> <endquote>
As far as I know, 112 is the international standard for mobiles : 911,999,000 
and the rest are all local codes maintained for compatibility with fixed line 
Dr Charles McEvoy
Ripon, UK

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