Idea: Wake me during light sleep

Lars Hallberg lah at
Sun Mar 11 15:55:27 CET 2007

Ole Tange skrev:
> If you are woken during periods of light sleep then you will feel more
> rested than if you are woken during deep sleep.

You are more easily woken during light sleep so it's probably good 
enough to start playing music at low volume and step up the volume 
slowly over a period. If You still sleeping at the end deadline, shut up 
the music, wait a few seconds, the make that horrible nose that wake 

Most optimal is to control a light dimmer, and slowly turn up the light. 
Light influence Your 'sleephormons' and You will wake even more rested. 
But that hard to implement unless You sleep with Your VR-glasses on :-)

But... this is still a shortcoming in all gui alarm/calendar apps I 
know. The ability to control just about everything like at/cron and cli 
friends can. If it would be possible to control at least the media 
player and volume... it would be nice.


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